4 Jan

How to Increase HP Notebook Fan Pace

How to Increase HP Notebook Fan Pace

1 Turn in your HP laptop. Press “F1″ every second until finally the BIOS screen seems. In case your laptop model was produced ahead of 2006, press “F10″ alternatively of “F1.”

2 Find the “System Monitor” within the BIOS main menu and hit “Enter.” Head to “Dynamic Fan Control” and click “Enter.”

three Evaluation the list of followers, which include CPU fan, case fan(s), and many others. Visit each fan alternative and click “Enter.” When a screen pops up asking you to enter a percentage capacity for your followers to run at, enter “100.” This can make the supporters run at 100% capability.

four Click “F10″ to apply all the adjustments you have produced and restart your personal computer. Unless your supporters have been already operating at 100% capacity, just after the laptop restarts you should hear an audible difference in fan velocity.