18 May

How to Copy a Printer Driver From A single Windows XP Laptop to another

How to Copy a Printer Driver From A single Windows XP Laptop to another

1 Click the “Start” button, then click “Control Panel.” Double-click the “System” icon. When you don’t see this icon, click the “Switch to Classic View” link around the left side on the screen.

2 Click the “Hardware” tab, then click the “Device Manager” button.

three Click the plus indicator upcoming to “Printers” to increase the group, then right-click your printer and click “Properties.”

4 Click the “Driver” tab, then click the “Driver Details” button. Inside the window that seems, you might see a complete listing from the driver files utilized by your printer, in conjunction with every single file’s location. Normally, these files are going to be located in “C:\Windows\system32″ or “C:\Windows\system32\drivers.” Keep this window open, simply because you will have to use it as a reference.

five Copy each and every driver file to your removable storage device. Click the “Start” button, then click “My Computer.” Double-click the removable storage gadget, then click “Start” and “My Computer” yet again to begin browsing to your driver files. For instance, should the initially file have been found in “C:\Windows\system32,” you’ll double-click “C:,” “Windows” and “system32″ to browse to that folder. Then you definitely would right-click the driver file, and click “Copy.” Then you certainly would right-click during the window for your removable storage device, and click “Paste.” Repeat this method right up until every file is copied.

six Move the removable storage device to your second pc. When the printer is connected to this computer, the brand new hardware wizard will seem. Select “Install from a checklist or unique location” and direct your laptop or computer for the removable storage gadget to uncover the printer drivers.