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How to Use a SIM Card in an HP 6910

Howto Use a SIM Card in an HP 6910

1 Shut off the private laptop, unplug its electrical energy cable and disconnect all peripheral merchandise from its ports.

2 Slide the battery release latch about the release place and soon after that slide the battery locking latch for your unlock area and hold it there. Each latches are found within the bottom of one’s laptop just in by means of the battery. One is discovered subsequent towards the circular air vent. Another is found up coming towards the WLAN module.

three Slip the battery from the battery bay to reveal the SIM card slot. The slot is found during the corner on the battery bay and it really is of course labelled “SIM.”

four Press in gently inside the present SIM card, then release it to partially eject it. Grip it gently and slide it from the SIM card slot the remainder around the way. Skip this phase if there isn’t any existing SIM card put in though in the laptop.

5 Insert the new card in towards the SIM card slot until finally inevitably it locks in place. Insert the card with the circuit-etched side up and also the tapered corner managing towards the outer edge of the laptop. If you’re unsure the way in which to orient the card, match it to the SIM label uncovered inside the battery bay near the slot.

6 Slide the battery back towards the battery bay right up until at some point the two the release latch at the same time as locking latch click. Flip the laptop over, reconnect its energy cables and peripherals then flip the laptop back on.